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It’s hard to overstate just how useful having a holistic view of the entire development process is. However, when working on a team, I can help whenever I’m needed and relieve bottle necks in the team I lead, and let the specialists do the more advanced things I can’t do. I see new skills and technologies as having a network effect with each other. Then every now and then I’ll spot an opportunity to combine eg GitHub Actions and Playwright and Tesseract.js to do something really cool that I couldn’t have done without prior experience in all three. If I had a chance to start all over again, I would have definitely looked to be more of a generalist as I feel it gives you more flexibility, perspective/context, and improves your skill set.

At the end of the day, no matter the language, stack, team, we’re just all trying to get the computer to do X. I’m saying that not very long ago, full stack means from system security, administration, being proficient with databases, backend and frontend development, and at least a couple languages under the belt. I’m a generalist and I’ve had a bunch of DevOps jobs where I had to come in to fix what the complete mess the kubernetes devops specialist left behind.

Specialisation lets you spend time looking into computer science research instead of into solving today’s business or tech stack problem. I don’t know how to handle dependencies in npm or the details Back-end Engineer job of what changes across python releases. I have read a lot of papers and spend a lot of time experimenting. Someone else on this post mentioned that there can be higher pay for specialists.


But generalists can have more stability as industry trends adjust. I’m presently “specializing” in a project where we scrape POI data from around the world and combine it in useful ways for locals and travelers. So now I’m working with geo data, reasonably large data sets, merging data from thousands of sources, and I get to dabble in / and learn about ML, while the specialists do the more detailed, more difficult ML work.

  • You will help evaluate and ensure the success of newly released software features utilizing data from our mobile applications, wifi performance, and cloud metrics.
  • What you should probably looking for is a T shape knowledge in topics; know some of the things really well and know a lot of things somewhat .
  • It also re-writes the project history by creating brand new commits for each commit in the original branch.
  • This is perhaps the most crucial part, as it includes demonstrating an ability to show initiative and work independently.
  • You’ll leave no stone unturned, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to tackle anything that comes your way on the front-end interviews at any company.

While the news may seem dire for the tech industry, hundreds of newly added jobs across multiple industries tell a very different story about the demand for tech employees. Top 5 web designer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Front end developers are programmers with expertise in website design.

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Or it’s a startup that needs help, but doesn’t really know what they need help with. If you’re a full stack engineer this excludes you from answering because you may be biased. I guess there’s two things you can consider here. Consider that you are biased and that the statement is correct. Consider that I, the person who posed the statement, is biased and wait for a programmer outside of web development who has experience working with “full stack web engineers” to respond with his own opinion.

I’d argue “full stack developer” is a misnomer anyway, since no developer can write both kernel drivers and html/css frontends. The technical summary on my resume is just that, a summary, not a comprehensive list. I see so many resumes with massive lists of technology exposure. I assume the intention is to demonstrate the breadth of experience.

They always come back to me for advice on what to learn, what to do, and how to find a new job. Last but not least, their knowledge is tied to their own company and is not transferable. They have all sorts of problems and need someone to fix them. One day it’s the Ruby backend, the other it’s the database server. How quickly can you learn, adapt and create value? And for that rare and very specific problem, you call the world-class specialist for two billable weeks.

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If a developer reworks their LinkedIn to highlight some expertise they’re interested in working on, then I fully trust them on that and will gladly hire them. Many devs change jobs at the drop of a hat, turnover is already high. Yet here you are, worried about job retention, trying to second guess what a dev knows about their own happiness. Now obviously, the way that you put it, it’s extremely difficult to say why you’re wrong, because you’ve started by adding a bias to people who would defend it. So maybe, when you want to have a discussion about it, don’t start by stating something that makes it extremely difficult to argue against it without being seen as having a bias. But, you’ve failed to convince me that any single human on earth can do “everything”; even if a person could literally master all technologies in use then there would still be a discipline mismatch.

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Go deep on what interests you that way and keep your mind open. I started having problems after I overflowed 5 bits, the upgrade to 6 bits hasn’t been much help. Don’t discount specialization happening accidentally by virtue of how your career evolves. I have a useful deep specialization that I never intended which is strictly an artifact of a truly random path dependency, not personal interest. Nonetheless, it is immensely valuable to me now because it complements other specializations I have so I maintain it. Maybe the specifics have changed but I’d argue the general sentiment remains valid.

Pretty much every company will have a few internal projects in Python and that’s why many of them list Python in their job description. It’s also easy to pickup which means that almost everyone will know a little Python. Serving the solving of problems that make a positive impact for users is important to know what generalists can do that’s very unique.

First 2 Months To Build Your Foundation

Quitting their job to prepare for interviews full time. After the technical screening,the interviewer you’ve talked to will have 24h to submit their ratings and notes to the internal system. Your recruiter then reviews the feedback, and decides to move you to the onsite interview or not depending on how well you’ve done. Design/architecture interview, where you’ll be asked how you would build web application products and how you’d handle UI components. The good news is that the right preparation can make a big difference, and can help you land a front end engineer job at Facebook.

No, HTML need not have any compiler, because it is a front-end language, whereas Java, C, C+ need a compiler to convert the code into machine understandable language. Perhaps the biggest issue is the poor browser support XHTML currently enjoys. Internet Explorer and a number of other user agents cannot parse XHTML as XML. Thus, it is not the extensible language it was promised to be. File concatenation, file compression, CDN Hosting, offloading assets, re-organizing and refining code, etc. Implement a function getElementsByStyle that returns all elements in the DOM that match that style.E.g.

Ideally the candidate has a really full GitHub ‘resume’, and we can just go back through their open source projects together. I usually browse their code and ask them questions about particular design decisions. If the candidate has an excellent track record, then the interview largely moves into whether they’d be a good social fit for the team. Top 5 back end developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

The page features the most viewed documents, top contributors, the week’s concept, newly added documents, and a side menu where you can search the docs by topic. I found this page especially useful for revisiting some concepts from the courses I’ve forgotten, and for picking up additional knowledge that wasn’t included in the lessons. Lately, I’ve been remedying this situation by learning new programming languages, reading more books, and attempting projects to test my new skills. Think about the breadth of your experience with perspective of where you want to land. You sound like a person that likes learning and applying SW tech.

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I have absolutely zero doubts about my employability, but I’m afraid to regret it long term if I don’t specialize in an interesting field. And I’m starting to wonder if I should specialize. So make sure you ask about what’s important to you when it comes to company culture. Make sure you have a handle on exactly what the day-to-day responsibilities of the job will be—both now and in the future.

Yes, I’m referring to technical people who are specialists outside of “web development”. I realized that I should have done so for a contract work that I wasn’t hired for. They told me that they were looking for someone specialized. I knew exactly that they needed a generalist, mostly because they were an early stage startup. They never hired for the “specialized” position they contacted me for, because that position shortly became obsolete. I actually dislike the term “full stack engineers”.

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